Game description

Cute game about a monster Om Nom, who cut ropes in order to get to his favorite candy.

This is skill based puzzle or logic game that became a huge hit on the Internet, turning into a series of several games: Cut The Rope (1) – the first and original part from 2010, Cut The Rope 2, “Time Travel”, “Cut The Rope: Experiments”, “My Own Nom”….For now, it is available as a download installation file for Android and iPhone (from appropriate Google and Apple stores) and like this – in an online HTML5 version you can play right now, without having to install the game.

The game has been made by ZeptoLab studio ( and this is the offical game page:
There you can play all the sequels made so far, or if you like you may join ‘myomnom’ club and get your own Om Nom monster, to pet him and to decorate his home as you like…

According to Wikipedia source, Cut The Rope had (to this date) more than 600 million downloads, where your play right now does not count of course.
So, how to play Cut The Rope? It’s simple – your job is to cut appropriate rope or ropes to make sure little green creatures get his candy. Oh, and yes – the stars – they bring extra points!

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