Game description

In Stay On The Road online mobile game  you tap control little racing car to make as many laps as possible. Your job is to sit behind a wheel of a racing car and play a test driver. You are all alone on track so you don’t have to worry about other racers. Just try to stay on track as long as possible.

Stay On The Road: game screenshot

Stay On The Road: game screenshot


Stay On The Road is really hard game, so hard that at first I’ve spent 20 tryouts until I finished only 1 lousy lap. So it could easily be renamed to something like “Can you do a lap?”, or “Crash a car million times before give up”. Anyway, once you get a hand of it you will drive long enough to make 2 maybe even three laps and get some coins along the way. Technically speaking, it’s a good game, with cool music in the background. To me, there should have been an option to straighten the car once leaves the curve, maybe as a setting or a skill you may ‘earn’ something like that.

As a hint, take this – you don’t have to tap exactly on the car as you may tap anywhere on the screen. Sounds trivial, but took me few tries until I figured that out myself :)

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