Game description

Cowboy from hell fights the hordes of zombies. Prevent them from resurrecting and send them back to hell in endless zombie fighter made by black_op in Construct 2.

Weapons available: AK47, shotgun, plain old hand gun. Your best option in killing zombies is not spending rounds on them but jumping on their heads.

your best bet in fighting the undead might be simple jump on their heads. Instead of spending 4 rounds of ammo, the quickest, quietest and deadliest way to send the crawling creature back to ground, is to simply jump up in the air and land back right on his head.

How to play?

If you play this game on PC you can move with arrow keys. To move left and right on mobile device, tap either on left hand or right hand side of your touch screen. To jump, you should tap simultaneously both left and right side of the screen. Double jumps appear as another cool feature you also have available here.



Only a demo

This is only a demo version made in Construct 2 tool, that I’ve picked up from some site. If you like what you see, try to search for this game online and buy a full version. Apparently all guns area unlocked, but this version probably has limited gameplay.

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