Game description

How far can you walk over the rooftops by placing sticks between the platforms?


Stick Samurai is a html5 skill game made in Construct 2. Concept behind this game is very simple. Once a little stick samurai go out on a journey over the roof tops, he never stops, until he falls down off from the skyscraper. Your job is to make sure his journey lasts as longer as possible. Practically this is endless runner, or should we call it a ‘walker’. Little guy eventually falls off, it’s just the question – when?
Make sure little samurai walks the furthers distance possible. To help him cross over the gaps between the roof tops, press and hold your finger long enough to build a stick, which he will automatically use to cross over the buildings. If the stick is too short – he falls. If the stick is too long – he falls again. Try to make just right.

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