Game description

Adventure game about treasure hunt gone bad. Indiara is so passionate about collecting ancient artifacts and treasures that she’s willing to put her life in danger for it. This time she is after golden skull, running away from a big stone wheel rolling after her threatening to smash her dead.


Indiara: Female version of Indiana Jones

Indiara: Female version of Indiana Jones


Basically this is a multi level mobile endless runner, where you jump over gaps and avoid wooden boxes and other obstacles. Collecting golden gems is a plus, but necessary. Falling into gap will kill you instantly, but boxes just slow you down, thus shortening the distance between the girl and a rock. The distance can get only shorter with time.


Use mouse to click in order to jump over the gaps in the ground and avoid wooden boxes. Boxes can slow you down and get you dangerously close to that stone wheel. If you fall into the abyss, or if you get run over by a stone block, you die. Try to get farthest you can, i.e. collect as many skulls as you can (out of 8)…

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